Our Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of accomplished professionals and passionate community members in and around the Capital Region.  Our directors provide strategic governance and champion our vision of raising awareness through education that results in communities engaged in healthy food and a healthy planet.


Elenor Siebring
President, re-elected June, 2018

Elenor grew up on Vancouver Island, stealing as many raspberries from the family garden as she could. Family legend has it that Elenor refused to pull weeds from her sandbox and instead pretended she was cultivating her own garden. Elenor moved to Edmonton from Vancouver to pursue graduate studies in engineering and business and was pleasantly surprised to learn that long summer days equate to an awesome and intense growing season. She is thrilled to apply her passion for urban cultivation together with her background as an engineer to the Sustainable Food Edmonton organization. Raising a toddler in an urban setting has given Elenor a biased interest in shrinking the disconnect urbanization and technology can cause in youth with respect to nature in their community and understanding the food cycle.


Beth Nanni
Vice-President, re-elected June, 2018

Beth has translated a lifelong love of the outdoors into her professional work, beginning with obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Environment Science and Master of Science in Physical Geography. She has worked in the environmental non-profit and academic sectors in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Alberta, and currently works with Alberta Environment and Parks. Since moving to Edmonton in 2011, she has been involved in local naturalization and conservation programs, including becoming a City of Edmonton Master Naturalist. She is a lifelong gardener (starting with her first pollinator garden at age 8) with a passion for environmental education and sustainability, and is thrilled to support the work of Sustainable Food Edmonton in helping communities connect food and the local environment.


Harvey Yuen
Member, re-elected June, 2018

Harvey is a proponent of conservation and protection of biodiversity in his professional work.  He is concerned with energy conservation, resource conservation and balance, waste diversion, and water quality in his professional and personal life.  Although Harvey realizes his 8 years of work experience in environmental and biological sciences allows him the leisure to think about and act on such issues, he thinks that everyone has a chance in their personal lives to enact some daily practices to address environmental issues.  Harvey hopes to contribute to SFE to further the diversity in food sources and create more awareness among Edmontonians of how and where food comes from.

Sara Gloeckler
Secretary, re-elected June, 2018

Sara's love of the outdoors was cultivated at an early age, living near the river valley of Edmonton. She traveled and studied, and her passions grew to include urban agriculture and sustainable development. Working as an architectural technologist, Sara combines her interests of net-zero homes and designing sustainable communities. She is delighted to volunteer with SFE, and to "grow" Edmonton's food and green spaces.


Jake's headshot.png

Jacob Marchel
Member, re-elected June, 2018

Jake is a lawyer practicing environmental, aboriginal, and administrative law -- with experience in the not-for-profit sector, government work, and private practice. Jake is also a gardener with an interest in renewable energy development, sustainability-focused entrepreneurship, and local food movements. Jake believes that encouraging local agricultural systems, and having more integrated public green spaces (e.g. community gardens, parks, etc.), will help to not only modernize the city, but also work to improve the health and quality of life of his fellow Edmontonians.


Kimlin Andrea Metivier
Member, re-elected June, 2018

Kimlin’s work experience in retail has enabled the strengthening of some of her skills such as communications, and the discovery of specific dreams such as writing. She hopes to use this experience to contribute towards completing tasks at Sustainable Food Edmonton (SFE) organisation example community outreach services. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in General Agriculture, a Master of Philosophy in Soil Science and a Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Science. As a teaching assistant during her tertiary education, she recalls being eager to assist with students’ laboratories. She is keen about using her knowledge, skills and work experience in agriculture to make a difference on the planet. She is passionate about sustainable agricultural systems and hopes to apply the knowledge of these systems to SFE to contribute towards ample food supply for communities while improving/sustaining the environment, today and in the future. She enjoys grocery shopping and having a diet with healthy foods.


Justina Mak
Member, elected October, 2018

Justina is a proud Edmontonian and beginner horticulturalist. Seed germination and plant propagation will never cease to amaze her. After moving to Downtown Edmonton, urban agriculture and alternative composting methods quickly became a new interest. Environmental sustainability and community involvement has always been a passion for Justina, making SFE a natural next step. She is thrilled to be part of a community-focused organization that provides opportunities for local residents and school-aged students to discover and experience urban agriculture, raising a new generation of sustainable citizens.


Reetika Prasad

Reetika is an enthusiastic accounting professional with a passion for promoting local food and raising awareness about the importance of creating sustainable agriculture communities.  Her friends know her as an avid foodie and she strives to support local food restaurants around the city.  As a Treasurer for Sustainable Food Edmonton (‘SFE’), Reetika’s goals are to be an effective steward of SFE’s financial assets and provide proper guidance on efficient use of funds.  Reetika is also excited about the opportunity to develop and grow sustainable funding channels through her involvement in the fund development committee to ensure the organization can continue to maintain the programs that support SFE’s mandate.  Through her time engaging with other members at SFE, she also hopes to learn more about growing food in her garden. Reetika is a Chartered Professional Accountant with extensive experience in consulting for government and not-for-profit organizations.