2016 Community Garden Awards

Each year Sustainable Food Edmonton looks for the top community garden of the year. We accept nominations from the community on who they think the top community garden is. After collecting your nominations we are you to vote for the winner! We would love it if you would participate in deciding who the winner will be, just remember only one vote per email address.

Nominee 1: Growers Dozen Community Garden (Parkdale / Cromdale)

The Growers Dozen garden group started meeting regularly in February of 2016. Parkdale residents, Kevin and Steven, started the group with a twinkle in their eyes and a boatload of energy.

Their vision:

  • to grow some food in a neighbourhood where not everyone can afford fresh veggies,
  • to create something beautiful,
  • to inspire others to do the same, and most importantly
  • to bring together some Parkdale / Cromdale residents to build community.

Their energy has been contagious.

In their first year, they have focused on constructing their “demonstration garden” - four raised beds, a vertical garden, and flower beds - in front of the Parkdale / Cromdale community league.

Youth from a local group home are responsible for tending one of the raised beds, and the english-as-a-second-language group that meets at the league will be a part of making a community meal from their first year's harvest.

They aim to attract more neighbours to get involved and work towards building a larger garden next year. They already have more than a dozen members and are keen to keep growing.

The Growers Dozen Community Garden (Parkdale / Cromdale)

The Growers Dozen Community Garden (Parkdale / Cromdale)

Nominee 2: Duggan Community Garden

Duggan Community Garden is highly productive and not just as a community garden. It is as much about connecting people as it is about gardening.

The garden unifies people of various backgrounds who share a common wish to make their community a better place.

It reconnects people to their roots in farming, and to the villages and towns they grew up.

It reminds people of the joy and happiness of the coming harvests, and the special way a garden can bring people together in a calm and beautiful space.

Members of the Duggan community see the garden transforming their community as one they have always dreamed of. 

Many feel inspired in being part of it.

The Duggan Community Garden

The Duggan Community Garden

Nominee 3: Yellowbird Community Garden

The Yellowbird Community Garden has an amazing team of pro-active gardeners who get stuff done. They are backed by an incredibly efficient and supportive community league.  

The team has gone to creative lengths to capitalize on the fun of gardening with community.

From a temporary pop-up bag garden, to raised cedar beds, they have plowed forward together with a vision to grow.

Their pop-up gardens are now charming oversized burlap sack gardens beside their cedar beds. They are portable and can be placed wherever they want.

Their gardeners are enthusiastic, and ask for more ways they can help. They constantly offer new ideas and ways to improve the space.  

When plans are delayed, or change in unexpected ways, the team remains to care for the changing garden. They continue to work in order to make the garden even better.

The Yellowbird Community Garden

The Yellowbird Community Garden

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