Bringing Little Green Thumbs to Your Classroom

Before You Apply

Please review the following information about the program. For further questions, please contact us.

Application Deadline and Program Schedule

Applications are accepted any time; however, to be considered for the current school term, applications must be received before mid-September.
Training for new program participants will take place in October/November.

Resources and Support for Teachers

We provide an indoor light kit, grow boxes, garden supplies, classroom resources and teacher training to help you set up the light and grow boxes. The Little Green Thumbs Coordinator provides ongoing phone and email consultation and we also offer “Growing Facilitators”, trained volunteers from the public or school community, as available.


This program is available to schools in the Capital Region (excluding Parkland County). Please contact us by phone or e-mail about program availability in other areas of the province or visit

Financial Contributions and Responsibilities

We are able to offer full and partial subsidies to a limited number of schools. Priority will be given to under-served and high needs schools, but if sufficient funds are available, other schools will also be accepted.

If accepted, participating schools are asked to:

  • Return a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the teacher and school principal
  • Participate in teacher training
  • Participate in a mid-term Survey and an annual Program Evaluation
  • Share occasional stories and photos from the garden
  • Maintain contact with the Coordinator to receive updated information and to help with transition in case of staffing changes

Please note: The use of an indoor grow lamp will result in an increase in your electricity bill.

It is our goal that participating teachers continue to garden year after year and we will do our best to provide ongoing support and replacement supplies, such as potting mix, fertilizer and seeds. If the indoor garden is no longer used as part of Little Green Thumbs, the school is required to return the garden equipment.

Classroom Size Requirements

The garden area needs to be approximately 6 x 6 feet, ideally accessible from 3 sides (see photo below). The garden should not be exposed to cold drafts from an outside door.  Ceiling: The grow light will be suspended with two chains and T-bar clips. If you have ceiling tiles held up by T-bars, the T-bar clips can be used. If not, yo will be using hooks. Please verify that hooks can be screwed into your ceiling where the garden will be located. The light can be suspended from existing beams or lights; please note that the maximum weight of the light assembly is 9 lbs (4 kg).  Electrical: The grow light must be plugged into a lightly loaded electrical circuit and must not be on a circuit that is already used for computers, Smart Board and microwave ovens. The distance from the centre of the garden area to the electrical outlet should not be more than 9 feet, as the power chord for the grow light is relatively short. If permitted, you can use a three prong grounded extensions chord (not included in your garden kit. Water: No special plumbing is required for the garden. For easy watering, a close source of water is helpful.

Garden Setup

Application Form

The above link will take you to the national Little Green Thumbs website. You will be asked to create an account, then select your province and school district.

If you experience any difficulties, please contact us.