The West End Food Hub Alliance is Looking for Two Energetic People

The West End Food Hub Alliance (WEFHA) is looking for two energetic, passionate individuals with neighbourhood-based organizing experience in diverse communities. This will be an exciting opportunity for applicants who are dedicated to food-related activism and are interested in working to develop and ‘grow’ community food initiatives at the neighbourhood level. Both positions are 16 hours per week and involve a combination of day, evening, and weekend work.   

Position 1: Growing and Cooking Animator

Primary Tasks:

  •  Build on the current Yard Share Program and create opportunities for new workshops to teach community members about growing their own food
  • Create an apprenticeship or internship training project related to growing food.
  • Establish composting sites within alliance boundaries.
  • Host an intergenerational activity with children, youth, and adults centered on food.
  • Host at least two cooking classes using food gleaned from stores, gardens, trees and bushes in the neighbourhood.

Position 2:  Distribution Animator

Primary Tasks:

  • Collaborating with community groups in coordinating community food initiatives in the areas of distribution and access of healthy, culturally appropriate food.
  • Develop and implement a pilot project (Community Food Store).

For more information about the position and to see the full job descriptions please visit: Email your resume and cover letter to Henry Motta at before Friday October 9, 2015 at 5 pm. On your email, please include the position you are applying for in the subject line. We will begin reviewing resumes on October 9th, but the position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.