English Language Learners Inspired by LGT Indoor Garden

Inspiration from a grade four student:

"During October in room 13 in grade 4. We planted some beans. And a lot more vegetables. And the teacher and children were involved. The beans grow very big. They grew and we ate them we felt good about it. The beans were very big and yummy we enjoyed a lot at Weinlos schools garden in grade 4.

While during Christmas our garden vegetables grew so big. The garden grew so big we were very happy because there were a lot of stuff to eat like tomatoes, cucumbers, and of course  beans. We ate the beans cucumbers we had a lot of fun. When we started the garden I was in my country.

People felt very good about it. On my first day at school I did not know what it is so I just waited for a little while and then Mrs. Delhey my teacher she told me then I knew that it is a garden I was surprised. First I saw a flowers.

Then we planted some basils and I planted some basil too. I was very excited. We plated it on Monday. We like planting stuff in our garden. The teacher tells as when we need to plant them. On Monday we ate cucumbers they were very yummy."