LGT Harvest and Celebration

As the school year comes to a close, our Little Green Thumbs schools wrap up the indoor gardening year with special activities, harvest and cleaning up the garden.

On May 18, the LGT class at Belgravia School celebrated with a salad with their gardening buddies from the playschool. The students were placed in groups with the younger children and rotated through different activities. They made colourful paper flowers and read stories. Outside, the children had a chance to learn about heritage chickens and interact with adorable, fluffy chicks that hatched out at the playschool. The children also helped to harvest cucumbers, peppers and basil from the indoor garden. Then they worked together to wash and chop up fresh indoor garden veggies and store bought veggies to make a salad. Everyone soon grabbed a plate and shared a yummy salad with their gardening buddies.

It has been a fun and educational year for our LGT schools and we look forward to helping them get started again next fall.