Indoor Gardens off to a great start

Our fantastic Little Green Thumbs teachers have all picked up their free gardening supplies, and many have started seeds with their excited students.

Also, over 25 teachers took advantage of indoor gardening training, learning about safety, garden box setup and growing a variety of crops, such as cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, pole beans, lettuce, kale, and Swiss Chard. Some great herbs that thrive indoors are basil and lemon balm. The students and teachers will have the dilemma of choice!

At St. Francis of Assisi School, the students will be experimenting with a container of transplanted strawberry plants. Are the indoor conditions suitable for the berry plants to produce fruit? That and many other questions provide a wealth of inquiry opportunities for our Little Green Thumbs gardeners. 

We look forward to learning about the gardening adventures of our 56 indoor gardens in the next few months!

Claudia Bolli, Little Green Thumbs