Greens and Other Delights with Little Green Thumbs

Every classroom involved with Little Green Thumbs has slightly different ways to incorporate the indoor garden into daily learning. Below are snapshots of some of the activities at our schools.

From Laura at Weinlos School: “Our garden is amazing this year; thanks for the adjustments. We ate some beans and are ready to try some more, maybe cooked this time. The tomatoes are tiny and green, getting bigger by the day. The students also tested the lemon balm and basil and had to find describing words for the smell. Some of the students’ words were: strong, delicious, cool, awesome, sausagy, juicy, minty, fresh, green, bitter, complex, sweet and sour, spicy and lemonady.”

At Elmwood School, the lemon balm, basil and lettuce were ready for harvest. The students enjoyed a salad the students made with lettuce, basil, oil and vinegar. The parent of a student who does not usually eat salad was thrilled that her son liked the classroom salad: “…to hear him say he liked salad is a highlight for sure.  Can you tell us what the kids had so that we can duplicate it in the near future?” The class also enjoyed Lemon Balm Iced Tea.

Grace Martin School is growing barley, for students to learn where bread comes from. Check out the nice barley photo below.

A. Blair McPherson had a “share fair” for teachers visiting from other school districts. A very nice display of Little Green Thumbs plants and materials were set up in the gym.


At Ottewell Junior High in the Foods Lab, promising crops of kale, basil and lettuce are growing next to a “wall of beans”.