Ladybugs to the Rescue in the Little Green Thumbs garden

Indoor gardening has wonderful educational benefits for students. We have fabulous teachers that use the Little Green Thumbs indoor garden to explore topics of nutrition, science, math, language, art and much more. Many teachers experiment with various growing methods and find solutions when challenges come along.

Sometimes a pest becomes an issue in indoor gardens. Eggs of aphids, fungus gnats, thrips or other pesky critters may hitch a ride with equipment, potting mix or houseplants.

At Morinville High School, the urban agriculture class had a hard time with green peach aphids. Here is a note about the learning that happened this last semester, and a photo of the ladybugs that helped to control the pests:

“We learned a lot more about biological pest controls. We had aphid problems and bought parasitic wasps and ladybugs to battle them. It worked really well. We had both insects complete their life cycles in the class and we observed the eggs, larvae etc."

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