Little Green Thumbs Fall Update

Come meet the amazing Little Green Thumbs team and hear personal stories of the impact it has had in our community during Sustainable Food Edmonton's Annual Harvest Reception. Register here to save your spot now. 

Little Green Thumbs – Preparations for A New Indoor Growing Season

With eager students returning to their classrooms, preparations for a new Little Green Thumbs indoor gardening season are in the works. In the next month, our participating teachers will be picking up seeds, potting mix and fertilizer for their indoor gardens from The Root Seller and our partner LGT organization in Saskatchewan. In addition, tips and training for indoor food growing will be made available to teachers who desire a bit of a refresher, and then the fun can begin! We look forward to providing support to around 50 indoor gardens and can’t wait to see the smiling faces of children witnessing the miracle of a growing seed.

Volunteer Opportunity: If you are interested in helping with the LGT program during school hours, please contact Claudia at for more information.